Saturday, August 25, 2012

Do and Don't: $500 Sitting Atop a Box?!

Shocked I tell you, I am shocked to see a $500 item sitting atop an inventory box. Is retail space in such a premium that a shelf could not be spared? When I buy something that costs $500, I almost expect my heels to sink in some lush carperting with nice ambience surrounding me.

DO: The display informs customers of what price to expect to pay. In this case, mid price point is what I guessed these dinnerware to be and indeed, they are. Besides price, the display also gave me ideas on how to display them at home and the different items I can add to make my dinner table more appealing.

DON'T: $500 for this set? That's highway robbery! That is what most people will almost say when seeing this set sitting atop its carton box. Now if only it was displayed properly, I may find the $500 set a good value.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Do and Don't: Cosmetics is STILL a Mini Luxury, Isn't It?

I subscribe to the belief that merchandise should be supported by the platform it is displayed on to ensure product values are uphelf and most of all, to make them appealing. Isn't that what retailing is all about? Making things begging to be bought?
DO: The right point of purchase display makes the difference between products sold right away and those that remain sitting in the shelf for a long time. Although this is an extremely popular price point, the display continually sells to the customer.

DON'T: I feel bad for the seller of these celebrity endorsed lipsticks. They do not deserve to be presented in a brown corrugated box. Infallible? I think not in this case.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Do and Don't: Missing Bottoms

Mannequins exist to sell products. They are there to grab customer attention and invite them in for a closer inspection. As with anything in retail, attention to detail is crucial in grabbing the RIGHT attention.
DO: I appreciate how the mannequin is dressed and the clothing displayed on it can be immediately found merchandised behind it. Makes shopping a breeze!

DON'T: Where's the bottom of the front mannequin? This surely attracted attention, but the wrong kind. I noticed customers noticing it not for the clothing displayed, but rather for the lack of it. Imagine little boys laughing so hard.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Do and Don't: Housekeeping is MAJOR

I understand how store can be busy and when delivery comes in, it adds to the chaos. However, is it acceptable at any one point to line boxes along an aisle, thereby blocking access to merchandise? Isn't that lost sales?
DO: Clean clear aisles are inviting and does not deter customers from coming in despite the line up at the cash desk.

DON'T: No room to store just delivered inventory? Maybe stacking them up closer to the back will minimize hindrances and allow more access to products being sold. Besides, these are trip hazards and the last thing retailers need is a lawsuit.