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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Do and Don't: THEME-ing Sells!

As the holiday season nears, most retailers will be readying their seasonal decorations.

To create a unique look custom tailored to your products, try using the very products you are selling to display– or take toy miniatures of it. Nothing is far fetched. I remember doing 64 themed trees one holiday season and each one was tailored to the retailers. Coffee beans in a teacup for a coffee shop; plastic fishes swimming on a blue stream of iridescent fabric for a fish store; and miniature sport toys for a sporting goods store.


After 3 wonderful years of blogging, this will be my last blog for awhile, until I amass more do and don’t retail photos. Have a Great Holiday Season!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Do and Don't: Printing Price Signs

Printing prices or handwriting them? Of course handwriting them is so much easier but it also comes across as home-made and very unprofessional unless the handwriting is consistent and beautifully executed.


DO: If your handwriting is less than perfect, opt for a printer. It adds business credibility and supports the products’ value.

 CAN BE IMPROVED: Selling formal wear requires a higher standard than those selling regular casual wear. This is due to the difference in price points and also product values. In more cases than not, a professionally finished price tag is necessary.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Do and Don't: Windows Deserve Respect

Windows are there to SELL to customers. They are usually the first thing customers see and therefore, the start of a selling process. Placing inventory boxes or garbage right in this location just because there is room, is counter productive to what the store is trying to achieve.

DO: Allocating space around a display builds both business and product credibility. It enhances the perceived value of the products displayed and gives it the respect it deserves. This window effectively conveys this to customers.

DON’T: AVOID placing items that do not belong in a shop window! What an otherwise is a beautiful and eye catching display is ruined by the inventory boxes behind the display and the garbage adjacent to it.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Do and Don't: Directing the Eye through Lighting

I love it when stores use lighting to create drama and attract the eye. Not only does it say that the products highlighted are special, they also lead the eye to the area the store wishes to promote. What a simple way to influence shopping behavior!

DO: Using different levels of lighting, this shop uses the brightest lights to bring the eye to a feature display.
CAN BE IMPROVED: Although the idea of a back lit is good as it attracts the eye to a specific location, it also darkens the very merchandise the shop wishes to promote.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Do: Testers are Always Welcome

Ever been to stores that sell perfume wherein all the bottles are locked up in a glass cabinet? How do they expect customers to be attracted to the products when the displays are uninviting? 


The photo in this week’s blog shows one that caught my attention. All the products displayed below have a corresponding tester on the top shelf. The shelf height is a little below chest level and thus easily invites one to try the products. The absence of a sales associate in this case made the displays more welcoming as I knew I could play to my heart’s content without any interruption— and PLAY I did!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Do and Don't: RMU Romancing the Customer

I often see the sad state of displays whenever I shop. I feel sad for the beautiful products that are just placed haphazardly as if the owner didn’t care. Even marked down pieces deserve a nice set-up.


DO: Retail Merchandising Unit Display (RMU)
The display is given structure and several design elements are utilized. There is direction, there is shape and there is an appeal to customers to interact with products. Items are also grouped by design.
Nice ceramic bathroom accessories are just placed on a shelf without thought for design and display appeal.