Saturday, September 1, 2012

Do and Don't: The Right Fixture Makes The Difference

I am not sure what shopkeepers are expecting when they place teeny tiny items on the floor. Do they expect customers to kneel down and browse through them?!
DO: Products are neatly displayed on a nesting table. Display strategies implemented make this set-up appealing. I did one project wherein I exchanged gondola units to nesting tables and their sales went up 37% without changing inventory. Amazing what fixture can do to sales!

DON'T: When merchandise is stacked atop one another in a glass unit, there is hardly anywhere the eye can stop. There are advantages to a glass unit such as allowing the light through the displays, however the one pet peeve I have about these units is when it looks like products are just crammed in. Very unappealing, where's the romance?


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